You can protect Zante turtles in Greece

You can protect Zante turtles in Greece. If you want once a time in your life to protect animals in danger of our planet, become volunteer to help our population of turtles Caretta Caretta in Europe in summer in Zakynthos island in Greece !

Why should you go and protect turtles in Greece ? Of course, everyone of us is not obliged to do anything about animals and about environment which are in distress if some people don’t think and do something about them. But,  be one of these people once in our life. Follow your heart one day : If you love sea animals and if you do not have social and professional obligations (family to care and job), why don’t you go somewhere to help animals ?

Here are below good reasons to come and protect Zakynthos turtle Caretta caretta :   

  • You can combine business with pleasure working for a good cause : to help rescuing endangered animals but in a very nice greek island in summer !
  • As a volunteer anyway, you will have finally the feeling to be really useful in your life : to fight for a very good reason which is to permit the animals’ right to live as we, people, have the right to live. It is a matter of conscience about our real purpose of being on hearth : to live in harmony with every « soul » around us : elements of nature, animals and other people.
  • You will meet a lot of people, many interesting people : foreigners volunteers like you with whom you can talk and share the same affinities and ideas. It’s a good way to make friends and why not to find a soul mate
  • You will learn to do many jobs or the job that fits you best : to inform people and children about Carettas turtle protection, to treat turtles, to maintain the nesting beach and look after the protected sea area, etc… You can combine for sure your abilities to work there.

To become a volunteer at the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece ARCHELON, please ckick here ! 

What are Zante turtles ?  We are talking about the endangered sea turtle specie loggerhead Caretta Caretta with the following specifications :

  • These sea reptiles live about 80 years,weighs about 80 pounds and  reaches about 1m lengh. At 30 years old, they are ready for breeding.
  • In beginning of April till end of August, we can sea them coming back to Zakynthos, mate and lay their eggs on the beach Zante Laganas Bay.
  • Easily influenced by Zante nightlife lights as phototactics animals, many females lose their lose their way and die but most of them succeed in coming out onto the beach during the night properly and choose appropriate site to give birth. They made a ‘body pit’ and lay about 100 eggs per nest.
  • After laying her eggs, they cover the nest with her rear flippers and then camouflage the nest by throwing dry sand with the front flippers before returning to sea. Birth process is repeated 3 to 4 times  per breeding season. 
  • Sometimes the turtle nests are created in such a way that they need protection (special cages, nests tranfers and people information) : too close to the sea and too subjected to tourists damaging -beach umbrella stuck deeply in the sand-.
  • Two months later, small turtles will come off the nest. Only a percentage of 70 of the eggs will hatch. The small turtle is about 5cm long and weighs about 15gr. It’s dark gray ash with soft shell.
  • The small turtle will be very difficult : It’s an easy prey for birds, rats, stray dogs, ferrets, weasels, etc. The small turtles entering the sea swim continuously drifted away by the currents : Only 2 %o will be able to grow up and visit Zante beach laganas and beaches of Kalamaki, Sekania, Daphne and Gerakas amd Marathonisi again in the future.


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